Chelsea meet Watford, Ancelotti is happy

The third round of the draw that brought the FA Cup with Chelsea Warford coach Carlo Ancelotti is very happy.

In particular, Ancelotti did not know the map strength Watford, who play in division one (Championship), and had never met on the field. But the Italian coach was hoping to meet with key sympathizers Watford, Sir Elton John, who happened to be her favorite singer.

"I do not know Watford, but I will learn their strengths. But I hope to meet Elton John because he was near Watford and also my favorite singer," Ancelotti said after the 3-0 win over Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday (29 / 11).

The FA Cup, Chelsea is the defending champion while still handled by Guus Hiddink. To deal with Watford, Chelsea have the advantage because it will play at home.

Of the draw as a whole, the representative has not met the Premier League match despite a surprise opponent is likely to occur as usual appeared in the FA Cup. But already there are three parties to unite fellow Premier League team, one of which is West Ham United vs. Arsenal.


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