Two Seconds, Record Fastest Goal

Riyadh - They say records are made to be broken. But what is listed Nawaf Al Abed seem to be hard to beat after he break opponent's goal just two seconds after kickoff.

Historic event occurred on Saturday (7/11/2009) and the event Prince Faisal bin Fahad Cup. At that time Al Hilal, a top club Saudi Arabia, to compete against Al Shoalah.

Al-Abed, who quickly scored it, do it right from the middle of the field. Moment occurred shortly after his partner held the ball in the kickoff.

Whether it was first practiced or of seeing your opponent's goalie was not ready, 21-year striker immediately release the left foot kick bounced toward the goal. Within two seconds of the round leather was lodged in the opponent's goal and change the position of the 1-0.

Television show, as posted on Youtube, even almost lost the moment because the speed events. While the keeper was seen trying to mengapai swift passing the ball on it, although he then just be stunned in front of the net.

Dailymail reported, this is a record for the fastest goal in an official event. While the action is the final score 4-0 in favor of Al Hilal.

We have the fastest goal in FIFA is officially recorded in the name of Fabinho. He break New Zealand's goal just seven seconds after the mat kikcoff FIFA U-17.


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