Capello: Beckham like Obama

Although only played in the middle of the second half, the performance of England's senior quarterback, David Beckham, so stunning. He said as the Man of the Match or the best performer in the British action in the party of counter Belarus last World Cup qualifying on Wednesday (14/10) or Thursday morning pm.

LA Galaxy player 34-year-old was entered in the 58th minute to replace Aaron Lennon. He immediately gave assists through the birth sepakpojok for the second goal scored England Shaun Wright-Phillips in the 60th minute. The game itself ended 3-0 to win the British host. Two other goals by Peter Crouch printed in the minutes of the 4 and 70.

Because it was an impressive performance, Beckham got an award as man of the match at the end of the game.

Coach Fabio Capello, who admitted Beckham amazed by the performance that night saying, Beckham won the award which was quite surprising because he only played 30 minutes. Capello had Beckham likens such as Barack Obama, President of the United States, who got the Nobel peace only a few months after he became president.

"Frankly I was surprised," said Capello after the game about the best player award for Beckham said. "Getting the award after only playing for 30 minutes? Think like Obama, who received the Nobel Prize after only nine months as President of the United States."

Capello's statement certainly did not mean to belittle or sarcastic Beckham poster awards committee. On the contrary, it was as an expression of her admiration for Beckham who always wanted to be perfect in every game, no matter how long he played.

"Does David Beckham play for five, 10, 15 minutes or half a game, he always played with great focus. Some new players added difficulty, but Beckham did well," Capello explained.


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