FIFA Threatens Maradona

Your mouth is your tiger. Proverb is now going to experienced trainers Argentina, Diego Maradona. Because of the emotional statement, he would be investigated and threatened taxable FIFA sanctions.

Blatter is not too happy with emotion and Maradona's comments out of place, Friday (16/20). After Argentina beat Uruguay 1-0 and qualified for the World Cup finals in 2010, Maradona emotionally attacked his critics and the media. He asked the media to swallow his writings.

Maradona has a lot of harsh criticism, after stumbling Argentina in World Cup qualifier. They lost the last three games against Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. He considered not fit into coach. So, once escaped Argentina, Maradona joy and felt no reason to attack his critics behind. But, the words considered rude.

"The reports we have received so far is clear and there is no other alternative. We will submit this issue to the Commission for Discipline FIFA opened a case examining Diego Armando Maradona," said Blatter at a press conference in Cairo, Egypt.

Blatter did not want to discuss the issue Maradona too long. "I do not want to comment anymore. Now, this is a problem of legal institutions to deal with FIFA," he said.

"The escape of Argentina to the World Cup is expected of all people. Argentina is one of the giants in football and always have been. So, we welcome the presence of Argentina in the World Cup," he added.

"Eat criticism and writing!" They are anti-Argentina and did not want this country succeed, "said Maradona. It's become one of the sentences in question.

"This victory for the people of Argentina, except the press. I would like to thank my players during qualifying because they play like a man and today they are consecrated to me as a coach. I would also like to dedicate this result to all the people of Argentina, as well as my family , but not for a group of people who do not deserve this because they have treated me like garbage. I repeat, to all who have said anything against me, eat it your words! " Maradona twit.

Maradona had apologized for his words are harsh. "If anyone hurt on my words, then I apologize. That's if they want it. If tida, I still apologize," he said.

However, in a television interview, Maradona said, "I do not need to apologize."


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