Grondona defend Maradona

President of the Argentine soccer federation (AFA), Julio Grondona, defending Diego Maradona. He also would keep it as Argentina national team coach.

Maradona got threatened sanctions from FIFA, after the words are considered rude. After Argentina beat Uruguay 1-0 and qualified for the 2010 World Cup, Maradona as a chance to attack back to its critics. He said the victory was for all the people of Argentina, except the media and his critics. He also asked the press and critics swallowed feelings of their words.

As a result of his words are considered rude and emotionally, FIFA had asked the Commission to act Discipline. If it is considered a violation, Maradona could be affected by sanctions.

Maradona to defend direct Grondona. FIFA and the international public reacted immediately, because that issue had words Maradona. "If a statement saying it was not Maradona or another player, it will not get a reaction like that. In fact, it was not considered important," said Grondona.

"Everyone knows, he's temper. Moreover, he also promised not to get the words out like that again," he added.

According to Grondona, AFA will have a meeting on Tuesday (20/10) to discuss the issue. Grondona is also vice president of FIFA stressed, "You must understand Maradona. He did not really mean to attack people, especially he eventually regret."


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