World Cup match schedule 2010

World Cup qualifiers towards the end of 2010 and which teams are going to perform in South Africa will become clear in this weekend. The following schedule more games:

European Zone
Saturday (10/10/2009)

Group 1
Danish vs Swedish
Portugal vs Hungary

Group 2
Switzerland vs Luxembourg
Moldova vs Israel
Latvia vs Greece

Group 3
Czech Republic vs Poland
Slovakia vs. Slovenia

Group 4
Finland vs Wales
Russia vs. Germany
Liechtenstein vs. Azerbaijan

Group 5
Armenia vs Spain
Bosnia vs Estonia
Belgium vs Turkey

Group 6
Belarus vs. Kazakhstan
Ukraine vs England

Group 7
Serbia vs Romania
Lithuania vs Austria
France vs Faore Islands

Group 8
Cyprus vs. Bulgaria
Montenegro vs Georgia
Ireland vs Italy

South American Zone
Sunday (11/10) morning WIB

Chile vs Colombia
Ecuador vs Uruguay
Venezuela vs Paraguay
Argentina vs Peru

Monday (12/10) morning WIB
Bolivia vs Brazil

Africa Zone
Saturday (10/10)

Group A
Cameroon vs Togo
Gabon vs. Morocco

Group C
Egypt vs. Zambia

Group D
Ivory Coast vs. Malawi

Sunday (11/10)

Group B
Nigeria vs. Mozambique
Tunisia vs. Kenya

Group C
Rwanda vs Algeria

Group D
Ghana vs Benin
Mali vs. Sudan

Group E
Guinea vs. Burkina Faso

Saturday (10/10)
Mexico vs. El Salvador

Sunday (11/10)
Costa Rica vs. Trinidad & Tobago
United States vs. Honduras


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