Beat Porto, Chelsea meet Knock-out Phase

Chelsea's 1-0 win over FC Porto in a duel continued round Champions League group stage on Wednesday (25/11). With a collection of 13 points, they make sure they qualify for the knock-out phase as Group D winners

Opponent's playing at home, Chelsea could appear dominant. During the first 20 minutes, they were able to turn off the host attack while creating a threat through Nicolas Anelka, Florence Malouda and Didier Drogba. Unfortunately, all three shots went off target.

Continued depressed, FC Porto was discouraged. In the middle of rush threat, they remain calm. Porto's patience eventually led to the first threat in the 21st minute through Fernando Belluschi. Kick from outside the penalty box can still be secured Petr Cech.

Action Belluschi FC Porto started the game. They also began to improve ball control and balance the Chelsea game. Unfortunately, although the game became increasingly open, both sides failed to score a goal until the halftime whistle sounded.

Entering the second half, Chelsea improved coordination game midfield and forward. Although not often, they also managed to create a more effective attack.

Finally, after waiting until the 69th minute, they succeeded in winning through Anelka. Utilizing feedback Florent Malouda, Anelka butt the ball into the middle of the goal guarded Beto Porto.

Abandonment does not provide an option for Porto than attacking. While maintaining solidity back line, midfield to attack focused vision helped build the front row. Porto were able to cast a serious threat to the goalkeeper Cech.

In minute 73, to 80, to 82, for example, Freddy Guarin, Ernesto Farias, and the Hulk turns into a goal to spread the threat of Chelsea. However, the hands and juluran Cech reflex effort to overcome the enemy.

Not want to give up, Porto continued to stream attacks. However, despite the difficulty to attack, Chelsea can survive very well. Score was 1-0 to Chelsea last until the end of the fight.


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