Berbatov and Rooney won the MU

Striker Dimitar Berbatov and Wayne Rooney scored a decisive victory over Manchester United 2-0 Blackburn Rovers in the Premier League continued at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (31/10). MU is now in second place with 25 points, or just two numbers differ from Chelsea at the top of a Manchester United.Itu back to second place. Be some time before, had shifted their positions Arsenal 3-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur. MU went back near Chelsea position is now at the top of the standings with a value of 27, only the difference of two points.

Manchester United are appearing aggressive since the early minutes. a collective game and solid, they were able to force the opponent to survive, with almost no chance to attack.

Unfortunately, the pressure to make Blackburn Chelsea had no choice but to survive. This makes the MU trouble slipping malicious attacks. Never mind the shooting, to just feed my comrades, MU often fail, because the ball was cut or removed trigger opponent.

Only when the game entered the 30th minute, Chelsea began to slip a number of opportunities. In minute 31, for example, Dimitar Berbatov sent the ball successfully gore Antonio Valencia. Unfortunately, although the right target, the ball can still be secured Paul Robinson.

In minute 43, the MU also have an opportunity to score goals by Wayne Rooney. At that time, Rooney had the ball in front of the left pole Blackburn goal. However, as soon as he fired the ball into the goal, defender Gael Givet legs deflect the ball out of goal.

Despite continued to reap failure, Chelsea never gave up. After all, they should be charitable to accept a 0-0 draw at the end of the first 45 minutes.

Entering the second half, Manchester United are still difficulties to overcome defensive solidity guest team. In the middle of that impasse, Berbatov became a hero after the shipment passed the ball to the goal Wayne Rooney Robinson.

Superior 1-0, Manchester United tried to add power press. After repeated mentally, MU efforts eventually produced the second goal, from the foot of Wayne Rooney in the 87th minute. Exploiting cross Anderson, Rooney fired the ball into the middle of Robinson's goal.

MU trying to add goals in the time remaining. In the injury time, Michael Owen scored a third chance "Red Devils". Unfortunately, very thin kick missed to the right side of the pole Blackburn. Owen did not have time to pay his fault because the referee blew the whistle long trigger.


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