Ferguson admitted Chealsea more stronger

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, admitted that Chelsea under the care of coach Carlo Ancelotti now much better and tougher than ever before. He also reminded his players to be extra vigilant in away games at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (7 / 11).

According to Fergie, Ancelotti factors that have made more consistent than Chelsea last season. Tactics that brought diamond gives many blessings to the London club.

"Under the care Ancelotti this season, they were more consistent than last season," said Ferguson. "Ancelotti brought the first system used at AC Milan, the diamond formation in midfield. It is difficult to penetrate them, when you've entered the three-quarters of their field."

In the diamond formation, the Chelsea players to move close to each other in the midfield area. That's what makes it difficult to attack your opponent from the middle.

Faced with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this weekend, Ferguson asked his players to perform focus and minimize unnecessary mistakes as they did when he defeated Liverpool 2-0 at Anfield two weeks ago.

"Against Chelsea is always difficult, but we'll deal with it and play better than at Anfield. I believe it," said Fergie.

In later action, MU certainly not strengthened central defender Rio Ferdinand is still bandaged injury. However, Nemanja Vidic and Ryan Giggs who previously absent because of injury, is reported to have recovered and ready to be lowered.


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