Having to leave Atletico Aguero

Atletico Madrid striker Sergio "Kun" Aguero, confessed reluctant to leave the Vicente Calderon. However, in order to free the club from the burden of economic crisis and debt of turns, he is ready for sale.

Atletico itself actually also reluctant to sell Aguero. However, depletion of cash and debt payment deadline, make them think selling Aguero in the second transfer window in January, next. The high economic value assessed Aguero became an instant solution to the problem Atletico.

Well, that's the problem. although willing to sell, Aguero Atletico did not want to leave next January. He claimed to want to stay at least until the end of the season. According to him, he did not want to leave the job half way.

"I always told the club that from now until June, I'll stay here. Then, we'll see what clubs do. Bla until June the club still needed money, there are ways to help," he said.

"Atletico is my home. However, if the club want to sell me, I gotta go. I do not know anything. Now, I need concentration to bring the team to Europe," he continued.

Spanish and English media, believe, Chelsea is the most serious team get Aguero. "The Blues" is already preparing a proposal to purchase a total value reaching 100 million pounds, or about Rp 1.5 trillion. However, so far, both Atletico and Chelsea deny the existence of such a purchase plan.


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