Liverpool viewfinder Lassana Diarra

Liverpool are considering an offer to buy the Real Madrid midfielder, Lassana Diarra, in January next. French players were rumored to have no taste for longer play in the Santiago Bernabeu.

As reported The People, Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez needs to fill the void Diarra quarterback survive after Xabi Alonso's move to Real Madrid at the beginning of this season.

Also Diarra also prepared to prevent the possible departure of Argentine midfielder Javier Mascherano, from Anfield at the end of next season.

Diarra reportedly started hot at Real Madrid because he did not become the primary choice in the care of the squad coach Manuel Pellegrini. The player, who joined Real Madrid from the club Portsmouth in January and it was, failed to get a regular position in the El Real first team since losing to compete with Xabi Alonso.


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