Mourinho: Barca and Inter are equally depressed

Barcelona will be excluded if lost to Inter Milan, and in other action Rubin Kazan win over Dynamo Kiev, in the advanced stage the Champions League group stage on Tuesday (24/11) or Wednesday morning pm.

The absence of several players pillars, including Lionel Messi and the possibility of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the stronghold of Barcelona, is slightly favored to make the Inter will win the fight later. However, Inter coach Jose Mourinho said his team faced the fight will not as easy as imagined.

According to him, Barcelona and Inter Milan, both under pressure. Target must win the party to five of this, psychologically it will burden the players mentally from both sides. It is according to Mourinho will be little effect on the performance of both teams in action later.

"We had played well in Italy and Europe, but in the Champions League group stage this, at all difficult to predict the outcome," said Mourinho.

"If Rubin Kazan will win against Dynamo, and we picked up three points at the Nou Camp, the Barcelona eliminated. Conversely, if we lose, then we will be thrown into third position. So, we both were under pressure," he added.

Mourinho added that Barcelona is still a great team even though the two lost their previous fight and a draw from newcomers team Rubin Kazan. "I think Barcelona is still a great team, even before they lose and a draw from Rubin Kazan," said Mourinho.

Of the four who have played the game, Inter Milan lead the standings of Group F with a value of 6. Rubin Kazan in the second position with a score of 5, and Barcelona in the third position with a score of 5. Dynamo Kiev in the caretaker position with a value of 4. In this position the four teams still have the same chance to escape.


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