MU, Chelsea, Porto and Bordeaux qualify for the final eight

Four teams qualify to make sure the knockout round of the Champions League final eight after the party passed into the fourth round of group stage on Tuesday (3 / 11) or Wednesday morning pm. They are Manchester United, Chelsea, Porto and Bordeaux.

Manchester United survived if only to reap results in a 3-3 draw with pen action against CSKA Moscow. Additional one point was enough to cement their position at the top of Group D with a total of 10 points from four times a game. Leading four points over second place Wolfsburg, and four points above the CSKA.

From Group D, Chelsea and Porto was again unstoppable pace as far superior over the other two clubs. Chelsea's only bringing home the results of the 2-2 draw with Atletico Madrid at the top of the league lead with a value of 10, while Porto in the second position with a value of 9 after the morning action was slim 1-0 win over host APOEL Nicosia.

While representatives of France, Girondins Bordeaux win tickets to the next round thanks to 2-0 victory over four-time champion Bayern Munich in the cage opposite. From four times a match, Bordeaux collecting 10 points, two points ahead of Juventus who won 1-0 against Maccabi.

From Group C, four teams were equally likely to escape after Milan and Real Madrid a 1-1 draw at San Siro, and Marseille 6-1 win over Zurich great. Milan are top with a score of 7, equal to the value of Real Madrid. Marseille in the third position with a score of 6, and Zurich in the caretaker position with a value of 3.


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