Robinho to Real Madrid? Who said

Barcelona - Robinho rumored to be borrowed by Barcelona in the winter, but the coach Josep Guardiola had just called his team needs new players today. So?

As reported previously, Robinho and the Catalans are believed to have reached an agreement related to the duration of temporary and contract clauses move The Brazilian striker was.

Mentioned that Robinho wanted to be a permanent player in Barcelona during the winter transfer window opened next month. El Barca camp but want Robinho's move from the status of loans originated and new permanent contract in the summer of 2010.

Unlike the news spread, Guardiola denied that there will be players who come to the Nou Camp next winter, or at least he did not ask for new players brought.

"I'm not asking for new players to be brought. Maybe I'm just going to ask if the time is right," he said as quoted Yahoosports.

Coach Pep is familiarly called was also denied that Robinho had reached an agreement with the club. He still has to respect the contract that the former Real Madrid player with Manchester City.

"It's not a good thing to force a player who is still bound by contract to move," he said.

Meanwhile, President Joan Laporta said the decision to bring in players in the control fully Guardiola. "If the coach wants a player in the winter, we will try to get it," said he.


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