Ronaldo was treated to the Netherlands

Ankle injuries that never heal forced Cristiano Ronaldo off seeing a doctor one of the experts in the Netherlands. Daily Marca reported that Real Madrid star went to the Netherlands last Thursday morning.

The decision to seek treatment in the Netherlands was taken Ronaldo after the treatment she lived in Madrid never heal the injury. In fact, the latest MRI examination showed the injury is different from what was diagnosed as Real Madrid's medical team early last October.

In the Netherlands, Ronaldo will see a specialist named Dr. Van Dijk. This doctor who did surgery on Ronaldo when he suffered serious injury when he was strengthening Manchester United.

Until now, Ronaldo absent for a month starting to play. He suffered the injury during Real Madrid beat Marseille in the match Champions League group stage last month. Since the absence of him, Real Madrid's performance dropped dramatically.

He certainly absent in the derby against Atletico party this weekend and can not be expected to strengthen Portugal in World Cup playoff match on the 14th and 18th November.

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