Terry goal brings victory for Chealsea

A goal from John Terry managed to bring Chelsea's 1-0 lead over Manchester United, Sunday 8 / 11, and strengthen its position at the top of English League standings with the Red Devils to leave five points.

Terry dedicated the victory to the hosts on 76 minutes, through the feedback Frank Lampard free-kick. The referee is still validating goals despite the claims Didier Drogba Chelsea are in offside position.

Wayne Rooney is also has two good chances, but Chelsea rearguard meeting to Carlo Ancelotti's squad continued to maintain unbeaten record at home in 11 consecutive games.

Chelsea also managed to create the first goal chance, but shot Branislav Ivanovic managed to secure goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. So also when Drogba Michael Ballack got the bait, but the header from Ivory Coast player is still wide of the target.

In minute 23, Chelsea won the free kick, but Lampard executions soared above the crossbar Van der Sar. So is the free-kick into the back of two handled Lampard, the kick was weak and just hit the wall of the MU players.

Chelsea goal chances in the second half, created shortly after Ashley Cole was tackle by Fletcher on the left side of the field. Terry then had a header into the back free kick executed Lampard and could no longer stemmed Van der Sar. Score 1-0 in the second round mid Itupun survive until the game was over


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