With nine players, Liverpool demolished by Fulham

Liverpool defender, Philippe Degen and Jamie Carragher, a red card that made Liverpool must play with nine players since the 82nd minute in a duel versus Fulham in the Premier League continued on Saturday (31/10). As a result, Liverpool were forced to swallow the painful 1-3 defeat.

Opponent's playing at home, Liverpool could actually dominate the game. However, they had difficulty creating a golden opportunity to score goals. Liverpool's first best chance just happened in minute 21, which was created by Yossi Benayoun. Unfortunately, kicking Benayoun Fulham hit the crossbar.

Failure to make Liverpool curious. They also increase attack power. Unfortunately, their efforts have not led to a goal, when Bobby conquered Zomora Pepe Reina's goal in minute 24. Utilizing feedback Damien Duff, Zomora send the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal "The Reds".

In abandonment. Liverpool did not lose focus. Survive the standard quick game and short balls, Liverpool are able to control the game and forced the hosts to take defensive. Finally, at minute 43, Liverpool managed to equalize through Fernando Torres utilizing wild ball, Torres pushed the ball into the goal Schwazer.

Fulham itself actually no better than Liverpool. Although the first superior, they are still not able to overcome the Liverpool game. Fulham had to be content to close the first half with 1-1 advantage.

Entering the second half, Liverpool back control of the game. However, their efforts to attack, strong resistance from the host. The game was running more open and exciting. Both sides can take turns creating a threat.

In minute 60, for example, Zaltan Gera managed to fire from the penalty box, who then successfully secured Reina. Six minutes later, Liverpool's turn to threaten through Benayoun. However, able to ward off the ball Scwarzer.

Attack each other's action ended at minute 74, following the creation of both Fulham goals from Erik Nevland feet. Utilizing feedback Zoltan Gera, Nevland struck the ball into the middle of Reina's goal.

After that, Liverpool can continue to suppress and equalize opportunity. However, the opportunity to avoid a sudden fall apart after losing a pair of red cards received by two Liverpool defender Philipp Degen for prop Clint Dempsey in the 79th minute and Jamie Carragher because Zomora wedge in the 82nd minute.

Losing two players ruin the game balance of Liverpool. Instead, faced nine players, Fulham increasingly fierce. Without mercy, they continue to urge Liverpool to create a third goal from the foot of Dempsey Fulham in the 87th minute. Utilizing feedback Nevland, Dempsey sent a ball into the bottom right corner of Reina's goal.

Liverpool do our best to follow the rhythm of the game opponent. However, nine players could not do much in three minutes. Liverpool had to fight to finish 1-3.Dengan defeat this result, Liverpool stuck in fifth with 18 points. As for, Fulham moved up a place to 11th with 14 points.


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